Visionary Artist Social Art Community
Visionary Artist Social Art Community
Kisma Reidling

Welcome to Visionary Artist Social Art Community

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About Us

Join me and our community of creative women who want to go beyond the norm and immerse fully into a real art environment!

Why You Should Join Us

Because you'll be in a lovely community of like-minded, kindred soul artists! Together we will explore the many facets of the art world, our artistry, and share our art and stories with each other. 

I will offer not only courses, workshops and certification events, but also lots of Free events just for our community. The best thing yet is, ALL of us are here to share our wisdom with ALL of us. Yes, we each have a lot to share! I'm listening!

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for coming into the Visionary Artist Path community, doing so means so much to me and is the right step away from all the crazy hitting the public social media today. In gratitude, Kisma

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